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My name is Jack Palmer, founder of Instant Finds. I spent most of my youth working in luxury retail outlets, I watched as the world of e-commerce for every sector of the fashion industry grew, except ours. Outlet stores provide a massive revenue stream for premium brands, but they are often viewed as detrimental to company image, and so their vast array of previous-season and made-for-outlet products are seldom advertised and often only available for purchase in-store.
This has always troubled me, as I view outlets as a great way for clients to find covetable pieces from their favorite brands without having to pay an outrageous price for products of the same quality.
My goal with Instant Finds is to share these fantastic brands with everyone and avoid gate-keeping at all costs- everybody deserves access to luxury. I provide a personal shopping experience that allows customers to view anything and everything from these boutiques, and hunt for specific items on their must-have list. Through my E-Shop, I provide what the outlets themselves have neglected to do- an ever-growing list of new, old, and permanent collection pieces from the boutiques, with up-to-date pricing and availability.
I’m proud of the growth this company has experienced thus far, and look forward to our bright future. None of this would be possible without the trust and support of my clients, thank you to all.

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Jack Palmer
By Jack Palmer

We would like to inform you that we can not guarantee that all products on the website will be in stock, unfortunately this is due to the high turnover of items...

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