How It Works

Dear Valued Customers,

We receive numerous comments, emails, and messages on this matter. Below is an overview of our operations at Instant Finds Ltd. Please carefully review this information before making a purchase, as it will provide clarity on common questions we receive regularly.

Instant Finds Ltd is an independent limited UK business and is not affiliated with Bicester Village or any boutique in London or elsewhere. We possess extensive knowledge and experience in high-end luxury items and their sourcing.

Our service involves handling the logistics – driving, queuing, and searching at boutiques – so you can enjoy the benefits and great prices from the comfort of your home. While there is a small fee associated with our service, it is significantly less than the cost and effort required to visit locations like Bicester for the day, depending on your location.

As a small limited UK business operating for almost three years, we have a limited staff and receive a substantial volume of daily requests. Approximately 98% of these inquiries are of a curious nature. Kindly keep this in mind when awaiting responses, as we make every effort to reply promptly to all inquiries.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,
Instant Finds Ltd Team
How it works 1 - When you place your order via our website or with one of us directly, We will use our limited stocks first, however I’m sure you can appreciate and understand we can not stock everything, not yet, we are not Amazon. 2 - If it is not from our own stock then we will source products from the Boutiques, in Bicester, London and further afield, we do generally need to purchase these products after we receive the orders, We do pick items for the website that we know are usually in stock so as to minimise the out of stock issues, however the nature of what we do and the way the Boutiques operate with such limited stocks themselves and their quick turnaround of products this is inevitably unavoidable on occasions, they do restock regularly so we don’t usually have to wait too long, but this can sometimes take a few days and upto a week unfortunately, if you can not wait, or do not want to wait for your purchase then we will offer you a refund on the same day, just let us know. 3 - Our delivery times state 4-5 days as a standard delivery, sometimes this may be a day or 2 longer if there are the stock issues mentioned above, and because we are at the Boutiques physically getting the products from Monday to Thursday afternoon as a general rule, we don’t tend top post during this time, although we can accommodate most requests if urgent, We are not at the boutiques at the weekend, we need some admin time 😊 4 - We return to instant Finds Towers, pack and send all orders on the Thursday afternoon or Friday depending on the time available, these are all sent via Royal Mail 24hr Tracked or 48hr Tracked, please note, you will not get any confirmation or update of this delivery until we raise the consignment on the Royal Mail Portal on Thursday or Friday, for this reason you will not get an instant notification for a delivery the same day as your purchase or following day in a lot of cases, it will be when we return. We can accommodate urgent deliveries, and have done on many occasions, but please do contact us directly first if you want something urgently, Instagram messages, facebook messages and comments and emails do on occasions get missed as we are inundated each day with requests. Scenario of delivery timescales 1 If you order on a Monday Morning, you would more than likely get your delivery on either the Friday, or the following Monday, this would be 4-5 Business days delivery and within the timescale we have on the website, however you will not get a delivery notification or update until the Thursday / Friday, when we return, this is 3-4 days after your purchase, you will of course get a purchase notification immediately upon placing your order. Scenario of delivery timescales 2 If you order on a Thursday Morning, and stock is available, you would more than likely get your delivery the next day, or the following Monday, this would be just 1-2 business days delivery and far better than the timescale we have on the website, even for the premium delivery service, you will get a delivery notification and update the following day, to your email address and tel number if provided, you will of course get a purchase notification immediately upon placing your order. 5 - We will purchase all orders first thing in the morning, starting with Gucci orders as we are time restricted there, they have some peculiar rules and regulations and we can only purchase Gucci items upto Midday so please do order these if possible in the morning, anything purchased after midday would be put onto the following days purchases, this is an additional wait of 1 business day unfortunately, we are at Gucci at 9am most days, we have to fight our way through all the traders and this can be challenging at times so bear with us. 6 - Once we have purchased all items, from the various boutiques we will then start to action all the requests for, sizes, colours, prices etc, please note, even though these items are discounted they are still high end luxury items! Additional important information We strive to make the process of purchasing from us as easy as possible and have recently launched the Whatsapp Group, we post links to our website on this group, with all relevant information and details of the item, you just click to purchase and we get an instant notification, very quick and simple, we also often run promotions on this group like free shipping etc, if you haven’t joined you could be missing out on some Instant Finds! We are a relatively new growing business and we are always looking at new improved ways of bringing you the best products at the best prices, we have upgraded our website recently, launched our Youtube Chanel (still a work in progress) the Whatsapp Group and we are always looking at new windows of opportunity and technologies to improve all aspects of our limited business. If you want to know more about Instant Finds Ltd, Jack or Jim, get in contact with us, please do feel free to, we make our numbers public and welcome your calls All the products we source and supply are genuine, authentic, brand new items, we do not sell preloved (Not yet but this is something we hope to be doing soon) nor do we sell inspired or fake goods. Intentionally or unintentionally. Please don’t ask us for them!